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100% Made in Italy production.


The industrial layout of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has a single common denominator: 3 entirely Made in Italy factories because, in addition to the finished product, all the machinery and technologies used here are designed and produced in Italy.
An entirely self-sufficient production because, starting with the raw material, the production cycle concludes with the end product, already processed and packaged and ready for delivery to its final destination.

In 2011, the company in Imola approved an investment plan for 40 million Euro aimed at installing an initial Continua system at the plant in Borgo Tossignano, which had been completely renovated.
This new production line manufactures large-scale full-body porcelain stoneware slab tiles with customised surface finishes and body make-ups.

In 2017, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola further surged ahead when it installed a latest generation line: the Continua Plus at the plant in Faenza. This plant covers 150,000 square metres, of which, over a third are indoor production and processing facilities for ceramic

Cooperativa Ceramica d’ Imola is a production company that has installed, over the years, two main and different porcelain stoneware production technologies in parallel: the traditional press and the Continua Plus.

Cutting edge technology.

Continua Plus.

The aim of the system upgrade conducted in recent years is to increase production volumes while also maximising environmental sustainability and optimising energy consumption. The state-of-the-art Continua line has numerous advantages. The main one is that it does not use a press but a compactor, which increases production capacity significantly compared to a traditional line and allows large slab tiles to be produced with a reduced thickness and the same technical quality. The line also reduces energy by up to 50% compared to traditional compacting systems. The mix powders can be spread directly onto the belt, with no need for special trucks. And double or triple loading is possible, too, even with special mixes that differ from one another. Thanks to the line’s polished steel compacting belt, the surface obtained is also extremely even, regular and perfectly flat and smooth.


The Continua Plus line has a production capacity of over 3 million sqm per year and produces mainly large slabs with a thickness of 6.5 mm.

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The benefits.

6.5 mm thick porcelain stoneware.

We have achieved unthinkable levels of strength, resistance and flexibility in a thickness of just 6.5 mm. The modulus of rupture is more than 45 N/mm2. Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola slim porcelain stoneware is also versatile, smooth and self levelling. In fact, the compaction production system on a continuous conveyor guarantees perfectly level slabs every time. The product’s reduced thickness, along with its natural elasticity, allow the slabs to be laid seamlessly with the substrate, which ensures perfectly level surfaces. Laying times are shorter than traditional products and cuts and holes are easy to make.

The product is also easy to clean with a surface that is acid-proof, stain and weather-resistant. Their compact and non-absorbent surface makes the slabs easy to clean with ordinary detergents and completely hygienic for any use.

These slabs are a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor, residential and light commercial floors and walls. Thy can also be overlaid on pre-existing floorings. Lastly, the slabs are ideal for wall decorations and covering doors or walk-in closets.



Manual on how to lay 6.5 mm thick slab and strip tiles perfectly.